Dispute Resolution

Claims resolution & negotiation support
Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution


Review of key policy wordings to identify critical areas to govern in the event of a large and
/or complex claim to ensure cover is protected post loss. Workshop to feedback and discuss compliance and management of these key policy terms and the development of a large loss claims protocol.


Early intervention post large and/or complex claim to ensure insurance contract obligations are adhered to, coverage is not jeopardised by breaching key terms and the presentation of the claim maximises a positive outcome. This support combines Mactavish core insurance placement and contractual skillset with barrister’s expert legal knowledge.

Claims resolution &
negotiation Strategy

Analysis and development of a resolution strategy for a potential or actual dispute with insurers. 
This service is as an alternative to formal litigation or arbitration. Combining Mactavish’s policy wording, insurance law and commercial negotiation skills with targeted legal analysis by expert insurance barristers to assess the validity of the points in dispute. We will develop a plan with you to negotiate and agree claims settlement rapidly.

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