Paul Spencer, Non-Executive Director at Mactavish, David Hertzell, Special Advisor to Mactavish, and Bruce Hepburn, CEO at Mactavish, have been interviewed by the FT’s Alastair Gray, in relation to an article on the implications and impact of the Insurance Act 2015.

The article in Monday’s paper (30 March) drew on Mactavish’s ongoing research into insurance claims outcomes and thinking into the impact of the Insurance Act, which will come into force on 12 August 2016.

Mactavish has been closely involved in the process and has been one of the most forceful voices in alerting businesses to the impact the legislation will have on their insurance placement processes. This point was underlined by Paul Spencer in the article. As well as a non-executive Director at Mactavish, Paul sits as a trustee on the boards of some of the UK’s largest pensions funds and is focused on the impact that capital loss from disputed insurance claims can have on businesses.

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