The Mactavish insurance governance team is delighted to be co-hosting a seminar at the Airmic Conference in Liverpool this year with PwC. The seminar, which takes place on Wednesday 17th June at the The ACC, Liverpool is entitled ‘Identifying and managing business critical insurances’.

The seminar will focus on the key premise that not all insurances are the same. Whilst some insurances are optional, others underpin core business operations. Should those insurances underpinning business operations fail, serious consequences in terms of cash flow, rating and financial covenants could ensue.

Metrics will be presented at this co-hosted seminar which help to identify these business critical insurances and steps that Airmic members should take to ensure they work as expected will be discussed by the seminar hosts.

‘Identifying and managing business critical insurances’ (S3). 10.15am – 11.15am 17th June 2015. Airmic 2015. Liverpool