Mactavish CEO Bruce Hepburn and newly appointed special adviser on insurance governance at Mactavish, David Hertzell, were both quoted in a recent article by Commercial Risk Europe (CRE), published on Thursday 9th April.

The article, by CRE’s insurance writer, Stuart Collins, highlighted Mactavish’s warning to both UK corporate boards and insurance buyers to ‘get serious’ over the implications of the incoming Insurance Act 2015.

CEO Bruce Hepburn was quoted as stating in this regard: ‘The current risk analysis standards practised by most boards and insurance buyers today, including many of the largest companies in Britain, will fall substantially short of the new statutory regime imposed on them’.

In announcing the recent appointment to Mactavish of former Law Commissioner David Hertzell, CRE outlined Mactavish’s insurance governance concerns, stating: ‘the Act will see investors place boards under pressure to ensure adequate protection is in place’.

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