Skipton Building Society

Ivan Le Roux, Head of Group Insurance



“The process of working with Mactavish, who reviewed our key financial lines, has proved of significant value. It has helped us to highlight internally areas that require more focus and enhanced our internal operational comparisons. The informed advice we received in respect of the implications of the incoming Insurance Act 2015 was also extremely valuable.”

“Mactavish conducted a review of Skipton’s key financial lines. This work included an in depth review of our wordings and disclosure. We were also able to run a session with our broker, which Mactavish led, to brief them on the specific changes that would need to be made to the wordings, following a feedback meeting with Mactavish.

The process of working with Mactavish has been highly valuable in that it has helped us to highlight internally areas that either require more focus or a different, nuanced perspective. This has meant that Skipton has been able to undertake internal operational comparisons, rather than comparing itself with the rest of the market.

We have found Mactavish to be very creative in the points they look at on our behalf and suggestions they make. Critically, they also provided significant food for thought in terms of helping us to identify a path to follow in terms of dealing with the incoming new Insurance Act 2015.”