Andrew Fenton, Group Insurance Manager



“Working with Mactavish was challenging, as it forced us out of our comfort zone to confront previously unaddressed issues. However, during the experience, we achieved new levels of understanding and confidence, which proved immensely valuable. We rate highly the support, guidance and input that we received from Mactavish, which helped us achieve significantly better results than would otherwise have been possible without their involvement.”

“From MBDA’s perspective Mactavish delivers excellent value as despite its small size, it is a hard-hitting company which is heard by the market, it makes a real difference in pushing the frontiers of best practice and is very efficient in what it is able to achieve and deliver. A very tangible benefit for us is Mactavish’s ability to prick our corporate conscience in reminding us of what needs to be addressed and what we should strive to achieve.  Equally, Mactavish has provided significant tangible value by helping us obtain results that we would not have otherwise thought possible. They enabled us to identify potential hidden issues, clearly articulated where the key pitfalls could be and suggested appropriate strategies and solutions. Furthermore, as a corporate insurance buyer, we get a strong feeling that the Mactavish team is ‘on our side’ with no other conflicts of interest.

We asked Mactavish to help us develop a broking ‘Request for Tender’ and received their valuable guidance throughout the broker tender process. In the early stages, their initial guidance enabled us to establish the ‘the art of the possible’ by hearing what Mactavish had achieved with other companies in the same situation. Consequently, at the tender stage, and with further injections of contract and negotiation guidance from Mactavish, we aimed high and felt able to set meaningful but achievable challenges for the participating brokers.

For us the ultimate value from Mactavish was identifying the potential issues and pitfalls that we faced and enabling us to understand what could be achieved. Without benefiting from Mactavish’s experience and expertise in this niche area, we would not have pushed as hard as we ultimately did during the broker tender. As a result, we obtained excellent results that were better than we would have expected to achieve by ourselves. Furthermore, our own insights and knowledge grew throughout the broker review process, enabling us to feel confident in challenging the brokers and comparing their different responses to the challenges we set them.

We look forward to continuing to work with Mactavish alongside our brokers and insurers, to benefit from their unique experience and expertise, in order to achieve maximum contract certainty from all our insurance policies. Having Mactavish on our side helps us to achieve exemplary results without compromising what we perceive to be excellent mutually beneficial relationships that we have with our broker and insurer partners.”