A.P. Møller-Mærsk A/S

Lars Henneberg Head of Risk Management



Mactavish combine practical knowledge around the Insurance Act with a deep and sound understanding of market practices and areas where policies can be made more reliable and certain. Their approach seeks to address issues before a significant loss occurs and highlights any disagreements or fault lines with the insurer. This is a refreshing and valuable method.

Mactavish are drivers of change. They are not afraid to challenge the conservative status quo and raise the difficult questions. This is a very important role and one which Maersk respects. Through this they are encouraging a positive spiral driven by professional standards and transparency.

Mactavish conducted a review of our Energy programme policy wordings, programme structure, and disclosure and placement procedures, in light of the challenges associated with the Insurance Act 2015. Mactavish then provided focused guidance in these areas. The work assisted us in identifying and addressing many aspects of our policy, placement and disclosure process. Their ability to listen and adapt to our specific and niche technical requirements has been commendable. The result is a risk transfer outcome which is more robust and transparent.

Mactavish have assisted us in setting out a standard of policy wording and Fair Presentation which ensures we and our insurer partners have a common and shared understanding of the essence of our insurable risks. They are flexible and designed a programme of support which suited our needs. Their recommendations were practical and added immediate and clear value to the confidence in our insurance programme.