Laing O'Rourke Plc

Keith Bishop, Group Insurance Manager



“The policy wording project we undertook using Mactavish enhanced our confidence in the Public and Product Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance policies and resulted in greater reassurance that they would respond effectively and without surprises if called upon.”

“Mactavish are specialists in their field. They deal in detail and are focused on forensic examination of policies to assess areas of weakness and recommendations on how to deliver improvements. The negotiation support with insurers, which Mactavish led working closely alongside our brokers, was also helpful in reaching agreement and navigating the technical challenges.

The process strengthened my understanding of the underlying issues which can affect policy interpretation and assisted in highlighting key areas of focus to ensure our insurance contracts are reliable.

Mactavish are alive to the commercial market realities and their solutions are always mindful of the big picture without compromising the delivery of key fundamental changes to policy wordings which deliver clear value.

Of additional value was the detailed summary note at the end of the project which itemised the changes within the key policies from the original to the negotiated position and clear reasoning on the benefit of each change. This was useful to share with Senior Management and demonstrated the value that Mactavish delivered. This is not always easy to show in risk and insurance projects, so was a welcome conclusion.”