Essentra Plc

Patricia Kendall – Deputy Company Secretary



“Mactavish conducted a strategic review to assess how the new disclosure requirements introduced by the new “Duty of Fair Presentation” affected Essentra. We identified that advice on this new law change was not thought to be supported by our existing processes

The review consisted of analysis of the existing approach to gathering, analysing and presenting risk information, consultations with the insurance manager, heads of business and functions and the broker and workshops to feedback recommendations and provide practical implementation assistance. Mactavish produced practical recommendations on how to develop an effective and sustainable process to better organise the way in which Essentra gathers risk information, improve the robustness of our risk understanding and gain greater engagement from the wider business.

The project significantly increased our understanding of the new insurance law requirements, the benefits to the business in engaging with these changes and how to practically apply the high level statute to our business.

Mactavish demonstrated excellent customer service throughout the project, were flexible, attentive to our needs and delivered on time. They were effective advisers on the topic of the new insurance legislation and maximised the confidence that our disclosure processes were fit for purpose and aligned with insurance law requirements.”