Patricia Kendall, Deputy Company Secretary

“Mactavish’s role was extremely valuable in helping us resolve an intricate BI claim smoothly, despite a very complex policy wording. Mactavish work to prepare us in advance for areas of negotiation helped us handle meetings with confidence, especially when it wasn’t always obvious what insurers were getting at. It was very comforting to have Mactavish on the end of the phone with the experience to offer calm, pragmatic advice when new issues or concerns arose – this helped us to communicate expectations internally.  Working with Mactavish to control the claim from an early stage enabled us to line up the right mix of legal and forensic accounting input, provided comfort to the Board on how the claim was to be handled and we believe avoided over-complicating negotiations. When a claim suddenly happens, it’s not always obvious who best to turn to, but Mactavish helped us to navigate the process and get to a fair settlement quickly.”