Andrew Bryson, Vice President, Group Insurance and Risk



“Mactavish gave a truly independent assessment of the effectiveness of our insurance contracts and processes, highlighting material opportunities for enhancement to help ensure contract certainty is achieved and maintained.”

“Mactavish are helping me to effectively highlight the key changes that are flowing from the Insurance Law reforms to the Senior Management team, enabling me to start putting effective plans in place to ensure that we take the opportunities that the reforms present us with, whilst avoiding the pitfalls of not tailoring our disclosures to ensure that the risks are fairly represented.

Their knowledge and insight into all areas of the insurance buying process is helping us to put effective measures in place to minimise the risk of under-recovery, delay and disputed coverage positions in a major loss situation.

From their experience and their access to recognised specialists in Insurance Contract Law, they can recommend improvements in both the insurance buying process and the insurance policies and contracts to help ensure contract certainty is achieved for their clients.”