BIBA (British Insurance Brokers Association)

Graeme Trudgill, Executive Director

“We commissioned Mactavish to produce guidance on the Insurance Act 2015 and Enterprise Act 2016 for our members. Working closely alongside our technical team and senior market partners, they produced our “The Insurance Act 2015: An Introductory Guide” and “The Insurance Act 2015: An Implementation Guide.”

BIBA decided to produce guides on this subject, due to demand from our members for advice which was specifically considered to inform them of what this major change in legislation means for their businesses.

The guides were very well received by members and highlighted the opportunity the Act poses for brokers to demonstrate their value. Crucially the guides also detailed the clear and direct challenges which the Act introduces for brokers, as well as guidance on recommended measures to navigate through them.

We decided to work with Mactavish as they have a commitment, understanding and passion for this change in the law which set them apart. The team at Mactavish were excellent in the diligence and craft of the guides which received cross industry support and endorsement. As a member of the Mactavish team, David Hertzell the ex-Law Commissioner who oversaw the Act’s development, was key to linking the logic behind the law changes with how to successfully manage implementation. Mactavish, through their direct license with the Bar Council, were also able to access expert knowledge and input from the UK’s leading insurance barristers.

Mactavish worked tirelessly to deliver on the deadlines set and their consultation skills throughout were first class. They were always accessible and listened to the myriad of views and counter views which the Act inevitably raises and produced a piece of work which was comprehensive, pragmatic and focused on brokers. They also delivered an Insurance Act Seminar at the BIBA event which had over a 1000 signed up members. We had to move the session from a fringe room to the main auditorium to accommodate this unprecedented level of interest. It served to underline to us how important this issue is for brokers and endorsed the need for guidance.

Their critical eye, familiarity with the law and independence make them an excellent resource. As a trusted BIBA advisers, we recommend to all our members and market partners to consider Mactavish if you have a concern or query on how your business may need to adapt in the new legal era”