Arcadia Group

Colin Campbell, Head of Risk & Compliance



“Mactavish’s specialist blend of legal technical expertise, risk understanding and coverage analysis has been critical in helping Arcadia achieve the quality of insurance we require. We see Mactavish as a valuable partner with a unique skill set and look forward to continuing to work together.”

“Insurance is a priority for Arcadia and we engaged Mactavish to undertake a ground-up review of insurance placement on key classes, from disclosure right through to final contracts. Once priority areas of focus had been identified, Mactavish assisted us in devising solutions to improve governance and reliability of the contracts.

By considering the detail of Arcadia’s insurable risk alongside the more purely “legal” issues in the policy wordings, Mactavish was able to instruct prominent insurance QCs to draft changes that responded to Arcadia’s specific coverage requirements. The combination of the technical focus of Mactavish with market-leading QCs flushed out a diverse set of issues that would have undermined contract reliability, with powerful solutions put forward to resolve them. To ensure that these changes are understood and agreed to by the market, Mactavish has also worked in partnership with our broker to negotiate and drive forward the changes, providing complementary support to that of the broker.

A second area of focus has been our broker’s terms of business and service level agreements. Here Mactavish has helped Arcadia specify an enhanced standard of contract and is now getting these changes drafted into the TOBA and SLA using the same unique legal offering.

Having Mactavish’s support throughout the process has enabled Arcadia to push for a much higher standard of insurance contract, confident in the specialist support that Mactavish is giving.

In addition I value Mactavish’s wider role in the industry, they push for change and highlight to a wide audience the challenges that insurance buyers, including those from the largest corporates, face. Most recently their close involvement with the Law Commission and prominent voice – deciphering the challenges associated with the new ‘duty of fair presentation’ and cautioning against too simplistic an interpretation of law reform as entirely positive for insurance buyers – has been especially thoughtful and incisive.

We see Mactavish as a valuable partner with a unique skill set and look forward to continuing to work together.”