Scott Feltham, Head of Insurance | Group Insurance

We were looking for an independent verification of the efficacy of our Public Liability and Professional Indemnity policies, our two most business critical areas of cover.

The policies being reviewed had evolved over time, with numerous changes by various parties over the years.  The business had not gone back to consider how these individual numerous adjustments might impact the policies as a whole, hence the need for an independent comprehensive review.

The framework Mactavish used to conduct its assessment took Amey’s specific risks and key loss scenarios into account.  Mactavish grasped very successfully the nature of the Amey business, the key risk exposures and how we plan to evolve in the future.  The consultations were targeted and thorough and the team’s experience showed.

We were working to a very tight timetable.  Mactavish’s team provided a clear process from day one.  They then executed this effectively, managing timelines and deadlines.  Mactavish’s team was professional throughout and the project management and communication were excellent.

The review provided clear value; Mactavish used their technical expertise and experience to test the efficacy of the policies and helped us to increase our confidence in their fitness for purpose.  We now have a better understanding of how the two policies reviewed dovetail together to protect the business and increase the assurance in the cover working effectively.